The Family Behind The Brand



Mignon’s House of design was created 6 years ago with the intention of spreading God’s word through inspirational t-shirts. The brand also gives the opportunity to create conversations through our testimony and to share what God can do in our lives and what he has already done. MHOD believes in supporting the community in creating events and programs to donate clothes monthly to those in need and supporting many local charities in the Dallas, Texas area by giving a percentage from each t-shirt sale. Mignon’s House of Design would like to be a huge impact in spreading the good news in the community while helping those in need.


“God Fight’s For Me” and “Prayer Is A Powerful Weapon” was birth from author and co-owner of Mignon’s House of Design, Janet N Williams. God gave her the vision, of Jesus being on the cross fighting for us with red boxing gloves (representing his blood). Prayer is a power weapon is a reminder to all believers that prayer is the most powerful weapon against the enemy. As products arrive at your home, we pray that every message on t-shirts, and other products or accessories will illuminate your home in Jesus’s name!!


“You don’t know who you messin with I’m a Child of King” was inspired by the late Pastor Amos Williams who believed whole heartily that as believers we are royalty and should be respected and treated as such, also knowing who you are and realizing that you are not average but set apart and called for greatness. The owner Tiffany Williams has inherited the passion from her father and has brought it to life through Mignon’s House of Design brand.